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NativeOcrZoneParser Enumeration


The zone parser used when automatically performing page-layout decomposition (auto-zoning).


WinRT C#
public enum NativeOcrZoneParser   
Public Enum NativeOcrZoneParser  
public enum NativeOcrZoneParser    
public enum NativeOcrZoneParser 
Leadtools.Forms.Ocr.NativeOcrZoneParser = function() { }; 
Leadtools.Forms.Ocr.NativeOcrZoneParser.prototype = {<br/> 
  Default = 0, 
    Legacy = 1, 
    Standard = 2, 
    Fast = 3, 
    Leadtools = 4, 
public enum class NativeOcrZoneParser   


0Default The OCR engine will determine at runtime which algorithm will be applied. It depends from trade-off and language setting.
1Legacy Simple page decomposition. It is faster but less accurate than NativeOcrZoneParser.Standard.
2Standard The most accurate page parsing algorithm.
3Fast This algorithm can be treated as a simplified variant of NativeOcrZoneParser.Legacy. This algorithm does not try to find tables on the page. It is the fastest (but least accurate) parsing algorithm available. Use it only for simple page parsing tasks.
4Leadtools Use LEADTOOLS MRC zoning. This option is not supported in this version of LEADTOOLS.

Used with engine-specific zones. For more information, refer to IOcrZoneManager.GetNativeZone and IOcrZoneManager.SetNativeZone.

The zone parser is used when automatically performing page-layout decomposition (auto-zoning) with the IOcrPage.NativeAutoZone(NativeOcrZoneParser zoneParser, NativeOcrZoneFillMethod fillMethod, LogicalUnit zonesUnit, OcrProgressCallback callback) method.

Note: NativeOcrZoneParser.Leadtools is not supported in this version of LEADTOOLS.


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