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InteractiveService Class Methods


For a list of all members of this type, see InteractiveService members

Public Methods

Name Description
CheckKeyModifier Determines if the specified key modifier is currently in a pressed state.
Create Creates a new instance of InteractiveService with the specified parameters.
StartListening Starts listening to the events.
StopListening Stops listening to the events.

Protected Methods

Name Description
CreateControl Creates the interactive service.
Dispose Clean up any resources being used.
Finalize This member overrides System.Object.Finalize.
OnDoubleTap Raises the DoubleTap event.
OnDragCompleted Raises the DragCompleted event.
OnDragDelta Raises the DragDelta event.
OnDragStarted Raises the DragStarted event.
OnHold Raises the Hold event.
OnKeyDown Raises the KeyDown event.
OnKeyUp Raises the KeyUp event.
OnMove Raises the Move event.
OnPinchCompleted Raises the PinchCompleted event.
OnPinchDelta Raises the PinchDelta event.
OnPinchStarted Raises the PinchStarted event.
OnTap Raises the Tap event.
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