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InteractiveDragEventArgs Class Properties


For a list of all members of this type, see InteractiveDragEventArgs members

Public Properties

Name Description
Change Change (delta) between the original and current position.
IsHandled Indicates whether this event is handled. (Inherited from InteractiveEventArgs)
IsMouseWheel Indicates if this drag operation is originated using the mouse wheel and not a mouse/touch down event.
IsTouch Indicates whether the native event was created by a touch gesture. (Inherited from InteractiveEventArgs)
MouseButton Mouse button that triggered this event. (Inherited from InteractiveEventArgs)
NativeEvent Native event associated with this event. (Inherited from InteractiveEventArgs)
Origin Original mouse or touch position. (Inherited from InteractiveEventArgs)
Points An array of all points from the native event. (Inherited from InteractiveEventArgs)
Position Current mouse or touch position. (Inherited from InteractiveEventArgs)
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