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Product Review: Updating 1980’s Technology with the Help of 2017’s Imaging Tools

While we can talk all day about how great LEADTOOLS is, it’s always meaningful to hear a review from an outside developer. Today, we’re sharing with you a review of our LEADTOOLS OCR Module – LEAD Engine written by Jeffrey … Continue reading

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How to Clean up a Document Image

Few things have as great an impact on document imaging as cleanup. Its benefits reach far beyond the the improved visuals and readability. Document image cleanup is the salt to the meatier document imaging technologies like OCR, barcode, PDF, forms … Continue reading

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Speed and Accuracy Optimizations for LEADTOOLS Document and Medical Imaging Technologies

LEAD keeps pushing the limits with LEADTOOLS Version 19 and has released another update full of speed and accuracy optimizations throughout the product line. Though speed and accuracy is a major theme throughout this update, it isn’t the only notable … Continue reading

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Multithreaded Barcode Decoding with LEADTOOLS: Developer App Series

This post is part of our 2017 Developer App Series, which showcases apps created by our Support Agents over the course of eight weeks. These apps are intended to be larger, more thoughtful apps with highly practical purposes in mind, … Continue reading

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Do it in the Buffer: Introduction to Dithering

I recently became intrigued by some art work I saw online. It is a bunch of Rubik’s cubes set up to reproduce a picture. The artists are essentially reducing the image’s colors down to a palette of six colors with … Continue reading

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