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Last month, LEAD Technologies announced a beta trial program for its up and coming LEADTOOLS WinRT Module. This new product will be available as an add-on to any SDK in the document and medical product lines.

Since the initial release of the beta, many new features have been added including support for loading, saving, modifying and displaying DICOM Data Sets and additional file formats. The beta is still open and going strong, so take the opportunity to get a head start on writing the most powerful and compelling imaging applications Windows 8 will ever see!

Features Currently Included in the Beta

  • 150+ Formats including
    • PDF & PDF/A
    • JPEG2000
    • TIFF
    • FAX
  • Viewer Controls
    • Mouse and multi-touch input
    • Interactive modes including Pan, Scale, Pinch & Zoom, Magnifying Glass
  • Image Processing
  • Full DICOM Data Set Support
    • Read, Write and Edit any DICOM Data Set file
    • Window Level 8-16 bit extended grayscale images
    • Display Signed and Unsigned image data
    • Search, create, delete and modify any element or module in a DICOM data set
  • Convert LEADTOOLS RasterImage to / from WinRT WritableBitmap
More features are continually being added with OCR, Barcode, Annotations, PACS and more on the way. To download the beta and stay up to date on the features as they get added, click here.

LEADTOOLS WinRT Example on CodeProject

LEAD is providing even more opportunities for you to get ahead of the game by writing a tutorial on The CodeProject: Image Enabled Windows Store Applications with LEADTOOLS. This example implements the basic foundations of any image enabled application in only a few lines of code with LEADTOOLS’ fully-featured, high level and programmer friendly controls and classes.

UPDATE: The LEADTOOLS WinRT SDK released October 26th alongside Windows 8

Otis Goodwin

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