Version 22 Updates to LEADTOOLS Imaging and Multimedia

LEAD Technologies is very pleased to introduce LEADTOOLS Version 22. Since 1990, LEADTOOLS has continuously raised the standard of innovative imaging and multimedia technologies. Version 22 continues that tradition with a HEIC / HEIF support and multimedia updates.

HEIC / HEIF Format

The LEADTOOLS format developers have added the HEIC format. Users of LEADTOOLS v22 can load and save HEIC files.

ClearText Encoding

LEADTOOLS v22 now has support for CGM ClearText encoding.

Auto Correct Rotated Video on Mobile Devices

We updated the LEADTOOLS players and converters for DirectShow to automatically correct video captured from a rotated phone.

RTSP Playback With MPEG-2 Transport Content

We updated the LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK line of products that support streaming to play RTSP content that carries embedded MPEG-2 transport streams.

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