LEAD Technologies Received Four ComponentSource Awards

ComponentSource has been our global distributor since 1995. Starting in 2006, ComponentSource started awarding top publishers and software based on sales for the year. LEAD and LEADTOOLS have received an award every year since.

There are two sets of awards: ComponentSource Bestselling Product Awards for 2014-2015 and ComponentSource Bestselling Publisher Awards for 2014-2015. The allocation of the awards was calculated based on ComponentSource global sales orders during 2014.

For 2014-2015, LEAD Technologies was recognized as a Top 25 Bestselling Publisher. LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite, Document Imaging and PACS Imaging were recognized as Top 100 Bestselling Products.

Publisher Award

  • LEAD Technologies – Top 25 Publisher Award

Product Awards

  • LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite SDK – Top 100 Product Award
  • LEADTOOLS Document Imaging SDK – Top 100 Product Award
  • LEADTOOLS PACS Imaging SDK – Top 100 Product Award

See the Publisher Awards page:

See the Product Awards page:


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