DICOM PACS Storage Server Updates in Version 22

LEAD Technologies is very pleased to introduce LEADTOOLS Version 22. Since 1990, LEADTOOLS has continuously raised the standard of innovative DICOM PACS technologies. For version 22, our PACS development team worked closely with several of our partners to make the LEADTOOLS DICOM PACS Storage Server even better!


To efficiently process many concurrent connections, we updated the DICOM Storage server so that multiple instances that are bound to different IP addresses can be running simultaneously. The instances can store to the same database and optionally log to different databases.

New Temporary File Options

Customers that deploy their solutions to cloud providers asked for more ways to control costs. To provide more flexibility and control, we added three new options for temporary files to the storage server:

  • Memory — no temp files are generated, only memory used
  • Disk — temp files generated
  • Disk and Memory
    • Small temp files are only generated in memory and not on disk
    • Large temp files are generated on disk

Storage Server Log Filtering

The LEADTOOLS DICOM Storage Server can generate many millions of logs in a single day. To provide a better user experience when reviewing logs, we added many new log features, including:

  • Filter log by a selected log entry to show only the related logs
  • Filters to exclude logs for any of the following (client or server): AE titles, IP addresses, and ports

Improved SSL Performance

We improved the performance of creating secure connections to the storage server.

Configurable Limits

We have added more options to control the number of records returned by open-ended queries. Additionally, when the server is set up to forward to another storage server, the number of attempts can be set. Finally, we updated the DICOM Import Add-in to restrict imports to specific file extensions.

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