Are You Ready for Windows 8 and WinRT? LEADTOOLS Is!

If you haven’t heard the news, Microsoft is releasing Windows 8 tomorrow! All of us at LEAD Technologies are very excited about this release both from a nerdy, technology-loving standpiont but more importantly, from a product standpoint. We’ve been talking about our beta program for the new LEADTOOLS WinRT toolkit the past month and a half and we’re happy to say that it was a huge success. After getting feedback from many customers from all over the world, it’s been proven stable and ready for commercial development.

The LEADTOOLS WinRT Module is available as an add-on to any LEADTOOLS Document or Medical SDK, and will be available for evaluation or purchase tomorrow alongside Microsoft’s release of Windows 8.

LEADTOOLS WinRT Technology

Native WinRT Imaging Technology

  • Native WinRT binaries for Win32, x64 and ARM
  • Develop Windows Store applications that target any Windows 8 desktop, tablet or mobile device
  • Load, convert and save more than 150 image formats
  • Over 200 Image processing functions for enhancing, correcting and manipulating images
  • OCR to convert images to searchable PDF, PDF/A and TXT
  • Barcode reading and writing for QR, PDF417, DataMatrix, UPC/EAN and more
  • Read, write and edit DICOM Data Sets
  • Use DICOM Communication to create native WinRT PACS clients
  • Interoperability between the LEADTOOLS RasterImage object and WinRT ImageSource or WritableBitmap objects
LEADTOOLS WinRT Viewer in Expression Blend

Image Viewers Specifically Designed for Windows Store Apps

  • High level, interactive image viewer controls developed specifically for WinRT and Windows Store apps
  • Compatible with Expression Blend
  • Provide a rich user experience with mouse and multi-touch enabled interactive modes
    • Pan
    • Scale
    • Zoom to Rectangle
    • Center at Point
    • Magnifying Glass
    • Pinch and Zoom
  • Display images based on physical and logical units
  • Automatically scale images to fit, fit width and stretch to the control size
  • Quickly process images using built-in image manipulation
    • Rotate
    • Flip
    • Resize/Scale
  • Comprehensive Annotation and Markup including geometric shapes, sticky note, redact, highlight and rubber stamp
  • DICOM compatible viewer with Window Leveling and DICOM Annotations
Otis Goodwin

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