Apply a Filter to a Video File in C#

Sometimes I’ll take what I think is a really great video on my cell phone, only to find out my hand was shaking while I was recording. Thankfully, I know the LEADTOOLS SDK provides many filters that can be used to add color, annotations, and remove the shaking or vibration present in a video.

In this demonstration, I will be working with the LEAD Video Stabilizer Filter to remove shaking present in the Test_VideoStabilizer.avi video.

Apply a Filter to Video File in C#

The following simplified C# code will apply the filter to the displayed video.

OpenFileDialog dlg = new OpenFileDialog();
dlg.InitialDirectory = @"D:\LEADTOOLS22\Resources\Media";
if (dlg.ShowDialog(this) == DialogResult.OK)
string inputFile = dlg.FileName;
Processor stabilizer = null;

foreach (Processor p in _play.VideoProcessors)
if (p.FriendlyName == "LEAD Video Stabilizer Filter")
stabilizer = p;
_play.SourceFile = inputFile;

For more information on the LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK, check out our full tutorial on the LEAD Video Stabilizer Filter.

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