Bridge the Gap Between Your Application and the Medical Web Viewer Framework

LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer Framework

Developers that use the LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer Framework quickly build high-quality, full-featured, medical imaging applications. The framework includes high-level ASP.NET services and HTML5 / JavaScript controls to distribute medical studies from servers to clients. It is an ideal solution to query patient studies and view images on remote computers and mobile devices. With the “plug-in” design, developers can implement non-DICOM image or binary data transfer and to extend implemented web services to include application-specific data transfer and communication capabilities. The Medical Web Viewer is much more than just an image viewer. It is a full featured HTML5 / JavaScript control that includes authentication, querying, and viewing.

LEADTOOLS External Controller

The External Controller bridges the gap between your application (Web or Windows Desktop) and the LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer component. It provides programmatic access to all the functionality of the Medical Web Viewer. When the External Controller is embedded in your application, your end-user can control the actions of the Medical Web Viewer using your application’s interface and not the Medical Web Viewer’s interface. Using the External Controller, your application can provide all the functionality of our viewer with minimal effort. From your user’s perspective, the application is all one application. In reality, your application is made up of your executable or web page and the LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer application. All you have to do is install our Medical Web Viewer and set aside a place in your application for it to render. In your code, you make calls to the Viewer using the External Controller.

Your Application

When your application launches, it creates an instance of the External Controller and uses a client API to authenticate the end user. The API sends back a security token that is needed to launch the Medical Web Viewer. The External Controller uses the token when making direct calls to the API. At this stage, the External Controller and the Medical Web Viewer have the same security context for the user.

When an External Controller method such as ShowSeries or FindPatient is called, a message is sent to the JavaScript front-end of the Medical Web Viewer. The Controller programmatically bypasses the Medical Web Viewer’s interface to automate the command as if the user directly interacted with the Medical Web Viewer.

Once the image is loaded into the viewer your user can make use of all the tools in the Medical Web Viewer Framework via your application’s user interface.

Get More Information

Check out the methods of the MedicalWebViewerExternalController class to see the commands that are available.

To get additional information or schedule a demonstration showing the power of the Medical Web Viewer Framework, contact your account manager or today.


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