New Android Maven Repository for LEADTOOLS

LEADT00LS Android

We are excited to announce a new resource for our Android developers: Maven artifacts! In addition to our usual .zip package, we now have a Maven repository to make it even easier to develop Java apps for Android. For example, all you need to do is add the following line to our build file:

compile 'com.leadtools:forms.ocr.advantage:19.0.0'

This simple copy/paste will download and add everything you need in the correct folder structure, getting you ready to start developing with LEADTOOLS:

  • Add JARs to your libs folder
  • Add native libs to your main\jniLibs\[CPU ABI] folder
  • Add OCR runtime files to your assets folder

Not only is this faster and easier, it’s what many Android developers are used to seeing, so we are glad to stay up to date with the latest development and distribution trends. To get started, get an evaluation license from the downloads page, then follow the instructions on the ensuing page for additional details on the available repositories and their included files.

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