Connect the Digital Dots: Text Detection on LCD Displays Using LEADTOOLS Image Processing SDK

Digital number recognition from LCD displays can be a challenge when it comes to recognizing seven-segment or dot-matrix displays. This is because the lines in the numbers do not actually connect when forming the number. When performing OCR on images that contain these fonts, you will need to do some image processing to increase the accuracy. This can easily be done with two functions from the LEADTOOLS Image Processing SDK that is included with LEADTOOLS Recognition and Document Imaging products.

After loading the image that you want to OCR, you will first need to perform the AutoBinarizeCommand to apply binary segmentation to the image. Now that the image has been binarized, we will use the MinimumCommand to dilate the dark object found in the image. For this example, I set the dimensions to 8.

When pairing these image processing functions together, it will combine the segments of the seven-segment and dot-matrix displays to form one solid number.


new AutoBinarizeCommand().Run(image);
new MinimumCommand { Dimension = 8 }.Run(image);



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