Using LEADTOOLS HTML5 with Intel XDK to Create Cross-platform Mobile App

The LEADTOOLS HTML5 / JavaScript interface was built with more than just web-based, cross-platform application development in mind. Did you know you can also create native and hybrid apps that can be published to mobile application stores for iOS, Android and Windows Phone? That is actually the case for almost any HTML5 application, but there are libraries and tools that help make that process easier.

One such tool is Intel XDK. In the same way that LEADTOOLS expedites and simplifies all of your imaging requirements such as display, annotations, OCR, barcode, DICOM, PACS and more, Intel XDK helps with the deployment and device integration aspect. Need access to the camera, local files and more? Want to write only one application and deploy it to multiple app stores? This is all possible with Intel XDK, and LEADTOOLS plugs into this innovative development environment without a hitch.

One of our support agents took a crack at this and has written a tutorial and downloadable example of using LEADTOOLS HTML5 / JavaScript SDK with Intel XDK. For more information and to download the source code, check out the original forum post.

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