New White Paper: HTML5 Web Scanning with LEADTOOLS

Have you ever been faced with a web application where you needed to upload a PDF or TIFF version of a document? Most likely, you had to scan that document separately, save it to your desktop, and then upload it. Wouldn’t it have been so much easier if you could have clicked a “Scan” button straight from your browser? Are you a software developer that embarked on adding this to your web application only to realize you bit off more than you could chew?

With the new HTML5 Web Scanning SDK in LEADTOOLS Version 19, developing an application with web scanning is easier than ever! Check out our latest white paper that explores this amazing new technology in LEADTOOLS:

HTML5 Web Scanning with LEADTOOLS
TWAIN scanning and document capture is an essential aspect and starting point of most document imaging applications. For web developers, this is a problematic requirement due to the localized, hardware-dependent nature of TWAIN scanners and image capture devices. Many roadblocks await the developer and most often the client is left with tedious and time-wasting inconveniences that make the application difficult to use. LEADTOOLS has developed a Web Scanning SDK that solves many of these obstacles and offers a programmer-friendly and customizable framework for integrating TWAIN scanning into any web-based document imaging solution.

If you would like to read it in an online format, we have also published this white paper on The CodeProject.

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