New HTML5 Zero Footprint DICOM Viewer Article on CodeProject

The demand for zero footprint applications is growing rapidly, especially in the healthcare industry with the increasing popularity and usage of tablets and mobile devices by healthcare providers. There are many ways to display DICOM images and communicate with a PACS over the web or intranet in a zero footprint manner, but not all applications are created equal. In fact, not all “zero footprint” applications are truly zero footprint. When choosing HTML5 SDKs it is a good idea to check the fine print before selecting a solution.

As part of its recent HTML5 release, LEADTOOLS now includes a Medical HTML5 Add-on Module which includes everything developers need to create zero footprint DICOM Viewers that run on any browser and platform that supports HTML5. Not only can it be used to display DICOM images, but it includes fast, client-side window leveling and series stack, setting it apart as the fastest HTML5 DICOM viewer available. Also included are RESTful web services that can query and retrieve from your local archive or any PACS using DICOM communication.

For more details on this powerful new product, check out our latest article on The Code Project which explains the technology that make it the fastest and best zero footprint application framework on the market!

Otis Goodwin

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