Free LEADTOOLS Image Processor App Available in the Windows Store

LEADTOOLS Image Processor Screenshot
LEADTOOLS is in the Windows Store! Our hard-working support and engineering departments teamed up and created a free application for your Windows 8 tablet or desktop. The LEADTOOLS Image Processor showcases its new WinRT SDK and provides LEAD’s award-winning imaging technology to the masses!

  • Integrates with your device’s camera and the Windows 8 picture and document libraries
  • Load, convert and save more than 100 image formats
  • Interactive image viewers
  • Over 200 advanced Image processing functions
Download and check out this free app for your Windows 8 computer or device, we hope you like it!

For the Software Developers

If this end-user application has you itching for more, you can get the source code to this demo within the main LEADTOOLS evaluation. There is a also lot more to LEADTOOLS than what’s in the LEADTOOLS Image Processor app including additional formats, Annotations, OCR, Barcode, PDF, DICOM and more. In fact, you might just see an OCR app from us in the Windows Store in the near future!

Otis Goodwin

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