Microsoft Build Post Show: V21 Document Analyzer Demo

Did you catch the Build Post Show? For those of you who missed out on Hadi’s interview with Michael Jolley please watch it below!

In the interview, you’ll see that LEAD was recognized by Michael for our well-known OCR Libraries. In the 30 years of LEADTOOLS SDKs, we are proud to say that OCR is now just one piece of what our industry leading toolkit is capable of. Powered by machine learning algorithms and AI, the LEADTOOLS Recognition capabilities in Version 21 are unparalleled. Developers will have access to fast, accurate, and intelligent automated recognition results thanks to our proprietary engines.

A highlight of Version 21 that will be released this summer is our Document Analyzer SDK, which automatically detects and extracts information within any type of structured or unstructured form or document. In the interview with Michael, Hadi runs through a demo of this application, both with a searchable PDF as well as a mixed content document that has both text and image. He shows viewers how using the Document Analyzer you can intelligently redact certain values of a document simply by applying defined rulesets. You can also control and configure what specific amount of the value to redact (for instance, if you want to leave only the last 4 digits of an account number visible). The Document Analyzer provides confidence ratings that allow users to individually accept or decline the value recognized and build a threshold for confidence ratings inside the application.

Because the Document Analyzer uses LEADTOOLS proprietary OCR engine, it works on both text-based and image-based inputs. Also, redaction is not the only function capable, developers can choose any number of actions for the values found including extracting, highlighting, or storing the data.

As Michael notes after seeing the demo, this tool will be very useful in many different industries. For example, with HIPAA compliance and all the documents with sensitive data being processed within the healthcare industry. A large financial institution is currently beta testing our Document Analyzer. Before they had this solution, they had to manually redact documents and store both the redacted and unredacted files within their document management system and it was taking up a lot of space. Now, using LEADTOOLS Document Analyzer, they only have to store only the unredacted files and are able to automatically redact on-the-fly when needing to share information.

Thanks for joining us for the post show event or catching up here on the blog. A big thanks to Jeff Fritz @csharpfritz for hosting the event on Twitch and Michael Jolley @baldbeardbuild for hosting the interview. Be on the lookout, more information on Version 21 coming soon! If you would like a closer look at the Document Analyzer demo, contact us at and our team would be happy to walk you through it.

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