Happy Programmer’s Day!

Today is International Programmer’s Day! If you are lucky enough to have a programmer in your life, don’t give them a hug, as they are most likely an introvert. Get them their favorite caffeinated beverage.

If you thought it was tomorrow, your heart is in the right place. However, in true programmer’s spirit, let us over-explain the details as to why you are wrong:

  1. Programmer’s day is the 256th day of the year
  2. 256 is 2^8 (2 to the power of 8), which is the highest power of 2 under 365
  3. The Earth’s year is actually closer to 365.24, which is why we have a leap year every 4 years and a century year every 400 years.
  4. 2016 is a leap year, thus making today our special day, not tomorrow. Please feel free to gift us that coffee tomorrow as well, we won’t stop you.
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