Print Any File in C# .NET

Creating an application to print files can be difficult. Luckily, LEADTOOLS supports rasterizing and rendering various file formats via a Windows service or console application. The project below can print any of LEAD’s 150+ supported file formats.

using (var document = DocumentFactory.LoadFromFile(@"filename.docx", new LoadDocumentOptions()))

static void PrintDocument(LEADDocument document)
 using (var printDocument = new PrintDocument())
  printDocument.PrinterSettings.MinimumPage = 1;
  printDocument.PrinterSettings.MaximumPage = document.Pages.Count;
  printDocument.PrinterSettings.FromPage = 1;
  printDocument.PrinterSettings.ToPage = document.Pages.Count;
  printDocument.PrinterSettings.PrinterName = "Adobe PDF";
  printDocument.DefaultPageSettings = new PageSettings();
  var pageNumber = printDocument.PrinterSettings.FromPage;
  printDocument.PrintPage += (object sender, PrintPageEventArgs e) => PrintPageHandler(e, document, printDocument, ref pageNumber);

static void PrintPageHandler(PrintPageEventArgs e, LEADDocument document, PrintDocument printDocument, ref int pageNumber)
 PrintPage(document, pageNumber, e);
 e.HasMorePages = (pageNumber <= printDocument.PrinterSettings.ToPage);
 if (!e.HasMorePages)
  pageNumber = 1;

static void PrintPage(LEADDocument document, int pageNumber, PrintPageEventArgs e)
 var page = document.Pages[pageNumber - 1];
 // Get page size in pixels
 var pixelSize = page.SizeToPixels(page.Size);
 // Convert to DPI
 var size = LeadSizeD.Create(pixelSize.Width * 96.0 / page.Resolution, pixelSize.Height * 96.0 / page.Resolution).ToLeadSize();
 // Fit in the margin bounds
 var destRect = LeadRect.Create(e.MarginBounds.X, e.MarginBounds.Y, e.MarginBounds.Width, e.MarginBounds.Height);
 destRect = RasterImage.CalculatePaintModeRectangle(size.Width, size.Height, destRect, RasterPaintSizeMode.Fit, RasterPaintAlignMode.Center, RasterPaintAlignMode.Center);
 // Get the page image
 using (var rasterImage = page.GetImage())
 using (var bitmap = RasterImageConverter.ConvertToImage(rasterImage, ConvertToImageOptions.None))
  e.Graphics.DrawImage(bitmap, destRect.X, destRect.Y, destRect.Width, destRect.Height);

Don’t want to print to a physical printer? Print a file using LEADTOOL’s Virtual Printer driver. The LEADTOOLS virtual printer driver offers the ultimate in flexibility. It can redirect print jobs to multiple targets, including physical printers, PDF files on disk, and blobs in a DB. Also, pages can be processed with LEADTOOLS advanced image processing functions, including the ability to redact sensitive information before being sent to the target. This flexibility provides a means to extend any third-party application that can print.

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