Never Worry About Reading a Handwritten Document Again!

ICR, or Intelligent Character Recognition, is an advanced Artificial Intelligence technology that is usually quite difficult to master. Not for long! With the upcoming release of LEADTOOLS Version 21, our brand new, machine vision-powered ICR engine will make recognizing handwritten papers, forms, and documents seem easy.

But my handwriting is BAD! Is it really possible?

Short answer: Yes. Our ICR engine will support cursive or print handwriting, or even the hybrid mixture of the two that a lot of people tend to do. With LEAD’s patented algorithms, our ICR engine is remarkably fast and accurate. Thanks to the built-in image processing and cleanup functionality, even documents and images that are of lower quality will easily have text recognized and extracted in a matter of seconds. Once the text has been extracted, users can output to any searchable-text format such as PDF, PDF/A, DOC, DOCX, XML, XPS, and more.

How confident are you?

We’re so confident, we’ll put a value on it. When it comes to handwritten documents and inputting data from them into a system or database, the majority of businesses still go the traditional route of manual entry, which is neither time nor cost-efficient. The LEADTOOLS ICR SDK was created to solve these issues and save developers and businesses that time, money, and all the headaches that come with manually transcribing handwritten characters. To further minimize manual revisions, LEADTOOLS will give you confidence values for the recognition of every single character and let you set a confidence threshold for what percentage you trust and what you want manually reviewed.

See for yourself in just a few weeks…

Keep an eye out, because very soon LEAD will be releasing this never before seen ICR technology! If you can’t wait that long and have to know more, feel free to email us any time at

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