LEADTOOLS Document Viewer Demo

HTML5 Document Viewer Screenshot

Earlier this week, we wrote about our latest white paper and CodeProject article on the LEADTOOLS Document Converter and Document Viewer. If you haven’t already, it’s worth a read to see just how easy it is to create an amazing document viewing solution for .NET and HTML5 / JavaScript.

If you simply can’t wait another second to get your hands on this technology, you should try our live online Document Viewer demo! This HTML5 Zero-footprint application shows off all the amazing features of this new viewer framework including:

  • View document, vector and raster image formats in one viewer
  • Document-specific interactive tools
  • View and edit complex document objects and features such as annotations, hyperlinks, Unicode text, fonts, styles, bookmarks and more
  • Fully customizable user interface uses generic parent containers (e.g. Control & DIV) to enable easy integration of core Document Viewer features into any UI library and platform
  • Maximize performance and conserve system resources through efficient large-document paging and thumbnail browsing with configurable lazy-loading
  • See all the features of the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer
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