AIIM Intelligent Capture/AI Virtual Event: V21 Document Analyzer Demo

The AIIM Intelligent Capture/AI Virtual Event took place online at the end of April. The event had many great speakers from all around spreading the latest news on intelligent capture and AI within their companies. In case you missed it, we are pleased to have another opportunity to share a live interview with our very own Hadi Chami. In this video, Hadi goes over several use-cases of the soon to be released LEADTOOLS Document Analyzer component of the LEADTOOLS SDK.

In the presentation, Hadi describes how our upcoming Document Analyzer is being used by one of LEAD’s large enterprise customers in the financial industry. They work with sensitive financial information and documents, therefore need to redact a lot of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) when transmitting files. Because of this, they were manually redacting this information and then storing both the original unredacted copy and a redacted copy in their document management system. This was a very time-intensive process which required a lot of man-hours as well as the need for doubling up their storage space in order to have two copies of each document. Realizing that this process could be simplified with the help of AI and Computer Vision, they reached out to us to see if any of our tools could help. To solve this pain point, we helped them integrate the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer into their document management system as well as the LEADTOOLS Document Analyzer as part of their backend workflow process.

Redacting information is just one of the many features that our Document Analyzer can tackle. Able to fully analyze both documents and images, this easy-to-use API can also be used for eDiscovery, highlighting keywords, and extracting key-values. The Document Analyzer works on all input types including text-based and image-based files using the seamless integration of the LEADTOOLS proprietary OCR technology built with patented machine learning algorithms.

Be on the lookout, more information about Version 21 coming soon! If you would like a closer look at the Document Analyzer, contact us at and our team would be happy to walk you through a demoonstration.

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