Recognizing OCR Pages

Use the L_OcrSpellCheckManager_SetSpellCheckEngine to enable or disable the checking sub-system used in verification. You can modify the default spell check engine before starting the recognition process by calling L_OcrSpellCheckManager_SetSpellCheckEngine.

After setting all of the necessary recognition options, call L_OcrPage_Recognize in order to recognize, the page(s).

After recognition is complete, the recognized characters can be obtained and the recognition results can be saved to a file.

The list of characters recognized for a specific page can be obtained using L_OcrPage_GetRecognizedCharacters. You can inspect this list of characters and even modify it and update the recognition data with the L_OcrPage_SetRecognizedCharacters method.

The recognition results can be saved to a file by calling L_OcrDocument_Save. This method takes an DOCWRTFORMAT parameter to specify the type of the document format to save (PDF, DOC, TXT, etc.). LEADTOOLS C API LEADTOOLS OCR Module - LEAD Engine uses the document writer DLL (LTDOCWRT) to save the OCR results to an output file.

In addition to the various formats supported by the document writers, the recognition results can also be saved as XML using L_OcrDocument_SaveXml.

The recognition results can also be obtained directly into a simple wide character string object by calling the L_OcrPage_GetText method.

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