struct L_OcrAutoRecognizeManagerOptions 
   L_UINT StructSize; 
   L_BOOL UseThreads; 
   L_OcrAutoRecognizeTraceWriteLineCallback TraceCallback; 
   L_VOID* TraceCallbackUserData; 
   L_OcrAutoRecognizeManagerJobErrorMode JobErrorMode; 
   L_OcrAutoPreprocessPageCommands PreprocessPageCommands; 
typedef struct L_OcrAutoRecognizeManagerOptions L_OcrAutoRecognizeManagerOptions; 

Options used during auto recognize manager operations.

Member Description
StructSize Structure size. It should be equal to sizeof(L_OcrAutoRecognizeManagerOptions).
UseThreads Gets a value that indicates whether multi-threading is supported in this L_OcrAutoRecognizeManager.
TraceCallback The trace callback that gets called when this L_OcrAutoRecognizeManager outputs debug messages, if you passed NULL for this member no trace messages will be sent.
TraceCallbackUserData User data to be sent to the trace callback.
JobErrorMode A value that indicates whether to abort or try to continue running jobs when an error occur. Default value is L_OcrAutoRecognizeManagerJobErrorMode_Continue. For list of possible values, refer to L_OcrAutoRecognizeManagerJobErrorMode. When the value of this property is L_OcrAutoRecognizeManagerJobErrorMode_Abort, any error that may occur while running a job will result in stop processing the rest of the source document pages. If the value of this property is L_OcrAutoRecognizeManagerJobErrorMode_Continue, then none critical errors can be logged and running continues. For example, if a source document has a page that could not be recognized. The offending page will be added to the final document as a graphics images and recognition will continue to the next page. In this mode, the engine will abort the job if an error occur, instead, all errors will be logged into the job's internal errors list that you can retrieve after job finishes by calling L_OcrAutoRecognizeJob_GetErrors function and act upon them according to your application logic.
PreprocessPageCommands Gets a list of the auto-preprocess commands to perform on each page prior to recognition.


For an example on how to run multiple jobs simultaneously in multiple threads with synchronization and aborting support, refer to L_OcrAutoRecognizeManager_RunJob.

This structure is used with the following functions:



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