struct L_OcrAutoRecognizeJobData 
   L_UINT StructSize; 
   L_TCHAR ImageFileName[MAX_PATH]; 
   L_UINT FirstPageNumber; 
   L_INT LastPageNumber; 
   L_TCHAR DocumentFileName[MAX_PATH]; 
   L_TCHAR ZonesFileName[MAX_PATH]; 
   L_TCHAR JobName[80]; 
   L_VOID* UserData; 
typedef struct L_OcrAutoRecognizeJobData L_OcrAutoRecognizeJobData; 

Contains the data used to create an OCR Auto Recognition job.

Member Description
StructSize Structure size. It should be equal to sizeof(L_OcrAutoRecognizeJobData).
ImageFileName The name of the file containing the source image. This can be any single or multipage image file format supported by LEADTOOLS. This member cannot be a NULL and must contain the name of an existing file on disk.
FirstPageNumber 1-based index of the first page number in ImageFileName to recognize. You can use this and LastPageNumber to recognize only a certain range of pages in the source file. This member must be greater than or equals to 1 (first page in the file).
LastPageNumber 1-based index of the last page number in ImageFileName to recognize. You can use this and FirstPageNumber to recognize only a certain range of pages in the source file. You can use a value of -1 to indicate "up to last page in the file", otherwise, this member must be a value greater than or equals to FirstPageNumber up to the maximum number of pages in the source file name.
DocumentFileName The name of the output document file. When recognition is completed, this file will be created on disk. This member cannot be NULL.
Format The output document format. This can be any of the supported DOCWRTFORMAT such as PDF, DOC and TEXT.
ZonesFileName Optional name of prepared multipage zone file. This member can be NULL. When no zone file is specified, the L_OcrAutoRecognizeManager will auto detect the zones for each page using L_OcrPage_AutoZone.
JobName Optional job name. If tracing is enabled by passing a valid callback address using L_OcrAutoRecognizeManagerOptions.TraceCallback, then the engine will use this value in the trace messages. If this member is NULL, then the trace will show the generic [Untitled] name next to the trace messages. See Note.
UserData Optional user data associated with the job. You can use this value to store any extra information required by your application. The L_OcrAutoRecognizeTraceWriteLineCallback will contain the same object used here in it gets fired.


JobName: The maximum length for this string is 79 characters. Strings longer than 79 characters are truncated to 79 characters.


Use this structure to specific the input data for an OCR job. After you create an instance of this structure with the data, you can pass it to L_OcrAutoRecognizeManager_CreateJob to create an L_OcrAutoRecognizeJob handle. You can then use this with the L_OcrAutoRecognizeManager_RunJob and L_OcrAutoRecognizeManager_RunJobAsync methods to run and monitor an OCR job.

This structure is used with the following functions:



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