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Clear Method

Removes all Master Forms in MasterForms and all child categories from ChildCategories and deletes them all from the local disk.
public void Clear() 
Public Sub Clear()  
public void clear(); 
void Clear(); 

The source code for this interface implementation class is available at <Install Directory>\Examples\DotNet\CS\AutoMasterFormsRepository.

The directory of this DiskMasterFormsCategory will have no Master Form or sub-directory inside it after this method is performed.

The stored Master Forms data and directories will be deleted and cannot be restored. If the user want to do a different action he can inherit this call and override this method or he can do his own implementation of IMasterFormsCategory. Be advised to have a back up copy of all Master Forms if this used this class, in case you have deleted the wrong Category.

There is no need to call DiskMasterFormsRepository.Refresh since the repository that this Master Form belongs will be updated with this deletion.


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