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AutoFormsEngine Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property EnableQuickPreRecognitionCheck Indicates whether to use the quick-check process to identify the form. If it fails, it will perform the recognition process.
Public Property FilledFormType Default value for PageRecognitionOptions.PageType.
Public Property FIPSCompatibleMode Enables or disables Compatible with FIPS(Federal Information Processing Standards).
Public Property FullTextSearchLanguage Full text search language.
Public Property FullTextSearchManager Full text search manager used set in the engine.
Public Property FullTextSearchMaximumCandidates The maximum number of matches (candidates) to return.
Public Property FullTextSearchMinimumRank Minimum rank value to be considered a match (or candidate).
Public Property FullTextSearchRepositoryName Full text search repository name.
Public Property MasterFormCacheMaximumSize Specifies the maximum number of master forms that can be stored in a cache at any time.
Public Property MasterFormLoadType Specifies how to load in memory the master form data found in the repository.
Public Property MinimumConfidenceKnownForm The minimum confidence value to consider the form as being one of the known types in Master Forms repository.
Public Property MinimumConfidenceRecognized The minimum confidence value to consider the form as being recognized and to stop searching Master Forms.
Public Property ProcessingOcrEngine Gets the OCR engine used for processing.
Public Property RecognitionOcrEngine Gets the OCR engine used for recognition.
Public Property RecognizeFirstPageOnly Gets or sets the method of recognizing unknown forms.
Public Property TradeoffMode Specifies which recognition algorithm trade-off setting to use for forms recognition and processing.
Public Property UseThreadPool Enables or disables the use of a .NET ThreadPool when recognizing and processing forms.

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