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AutoFormsEngineCreateOptions Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property BarcodeEngine Engine for barcode recognition and processing.
Public Property Managers Object Managers to be used to recognize forms and generate Master Forms attributes.
Public Property MasterFormLoadType Specifies how to load master form data found in the repository.
Public Property MinimumConfidenceKnownForm Minimum confidence value to decide that the Form type result is a known type.
Public Property MinimumConfidenceRecognized Minimum confidence value to decide that the Form type is recognized and no further comparison with Master Forms is needed.
Public Property ProcessingOcrEngine OCR engine used for field processing.
Public Property RecognitionOcrEngine OCR engine used for form recognition.
Public Property RecognizeFirstPageOnly Recognize the form based on the first page only.
Public Property Repository Repository of Master Forms.

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