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Guid Property


The GUID associated with this annotation object.

public string Guid { get; set; } 
Public Property Guid() As String 
   property String^ Guid 
      String^ get() 
      void set(String^ value) 

Property Value

The GUID associated with this annotation object. The default value is null.


The Guid can be set to any value by the user application. It can be used to link this annotation object with other parts of the application, such as a field in a database, a key in a dictionary, or to tie it to a UI element.

LEADTOOLS annotations framework do not use the GUID by default and is set to null. However, other parts of the LEADTOOLS SDK, such as Document Toolkit History Tracking or the Document Library toolkit use the GUID in situations similar to the ones described above.

The GUID is persistent with undo/redo operations as well as when the container of this object is saved and then re-loaded using AnnCodecs.

The AnnContainer.FindObjectsByGuid method can be used to quickly search one or more containers for annotation objects with certain GUIDs.

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