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AnnContainer Class Methods


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Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method Clone Creates an exact copy of this AnnContainer object.
Public Method ConvertToRegion Converts the AnnObject to a region using the specified fill and combine modes.
Public Method static  | Shared in VB Create Creates a new AnnContainer with the specified offset, size and mapper.
Public Method FindObjectsByGuid Searches a list of containers for annotation objects using GUIDs.
Public Method Flip Flips this AnnContainer and its children horizontally or vertically.
Public Method HitTestPoint Performs hit-testing on this AnnContainer at the specified point.
Public Method HitTestRect Performs hit-testing on this AnnContainer at the specified rectangle.
Public Method Resize Resizes this container to the speccified size using the specified options.
Public Method Rotate Rotates this AnnContainer and its children by the specified value.
Public Method Select For internal use.
Public Method Unselect For internal use.

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