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Rotate Method


Rotates this AnnContainer and its children by the specified value.

public void Rotate( 
   double angle 
Public Sub Rotate( _ 
   ByVal angle As Double _ 
public void rotate(double angle) 
   void Rotate( 
      double angle 


Rotation angle in degrees. This can be any value and is not limited to 90-degree increments.


This method rotates all the AnnObject's children around the center of the container. The container is then rotated by updating Size to be the width and height of the rotated boundary rectangle.

When this method returns, RotateAngle will be updated to contain the cumulative rotation angle for the container. This is the sum of all angle values passed to Rotate. For instance, if Rotate(90) is called twice, then RotateAngle will be 180.

The value of Bounds is also updated to contain the current container boundaries resulting from the rotation operations as follows:

If the rotation is performed in 90-degree increments, then the Bounds width/height values will be the same as Size (since that gets updated as well). The values of X/Y of Bounds stays at 0,0.

If the rotation is performed by any other increment, then the Bounds width/height values will be the coordinates of the bounding rectangle formed by transforming (0,0,Size.Width,Size.Height) by the final RotateAngle value. The values of X/Y of Bounds is then reset to 0,0.

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