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Overview and description of Leadtools Camera Xamarin classes, enumerations, and interfaces.


Class Description
Class AutoCapture Checks the camera frame quality for document and text detection operations.
Class CameraOptions Options for CameraView operations.
Class CameraView Represents a Xamarin.Forms control that displays a live camera preview.
Class FocusEventArgs Provides information for the CameraView.FocusCompleted event.
Class FrameHandlerEventArgs Provides information for the CameraView.FrameReceived and CameraView.PictureReceived events.
Class RotationEventArgs Contains information related to the RotationChanged event.


Interface Description
Interface ICamera A common interface implemented by CameraView.


Enumeration Description
Enumeration AutoCaptureMethod Captures method types.
Enumeration CaptureQuality Values that indicate the quality of the captured image.
Enumeration DeviceOrientation Values that indicate the device's orientation.
Enumeration FlashMode Values that indicate the flash mode.
Enumeration FocusMode Values that indicate the focus mode.

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Leadtools.Camera.Xamarin Assembly

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