canStartWork Method (ImageViewerInteractiveMode)


Gets a value that indicates whether the mode can start work.


JavaScript Syntax
ImageViewerInteractiveMode.prototype.canStartWork = function(_e_) 
TypeScript Syntax
canStartWork(_e_: InteractiveEventArgs): boolean; // protected 



An InteractiveEventArgs class


The mode can start work depending on multiple factors:

  • Whether the current pressed mouse button is the one associated with this mode.

  • If the user clicks on the background of the viewer not covered by the image (depending on the WorkOnBounds, Item and ItemPart values).

  • If the user added a UI control on top of the viewer and whether this element has been added to the InteractiveService.UserControls collection.

To help with all the above, derived classes can use CanStartWork to check if all the conditions are met and then start the work.


For an example, refer to ImageViewerInteractiveMode.


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