hitTestItemPart Method (ImageViewer)


Specific part of the item under a physical (in viewer pixel) coordinates.


JavaScript Syntax
ImageViewer.prototype.hitTestItemPart = function(_item_, point) 
TypeScript Syntax
hitTestItemPart(_item_: ImageViewerItem, point: LeadPointD): ImageViewerItemPart; 



The reference item. This value cannot be null.


The point in physical (in viewer pixel) coordinates.

Return Value

The specific item part under the specified point, or ImageViewerItemPart.View if the point is not over the item.


HitTestItem method will return the item if any part of it is under the specified point. To further fine-tune the hit testing operation and obtain the specific item part, call HitTestItemPart passing the item obtained from HitTestItem and the desired part.

For more information refer to Image Viewer Layouts, Image Viewer Appearance, Image Viewer Items, Image Viewer Transformation, and Image Viewer Bounds and Transform.


For an example, refer to HitTestItem.


Target Platforms

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