clone Method (ImageViewerElementsModeCreateOptions)


Creates a copy of this ImageViewerElementsModeCreateOptions instance while optionally prefixing all class names.


JavaScript Syntax
ImageViewerElementsModeCreateOptions.prototype.clone = function(_prefixed_) 
TypeScript Syntax
clone(_prefixed_: boolean): ImageViewerElementsModeCreateOptions; 



true to prefix all class names, false otherwise.

Return Value

A new instance of ImageViewerElementsModeCreateOptions.


When the value of prefixed is false, then this method will return an exact copy of this ImageViewerElementsModeCreateOptions object.

When the value is true, then this method will apply the class name prefix to all the members for the class. For example, if the value of ClassPrefix is "lt" while the value of ViewElementClass is "view" and the value of ItemElementClass is "item" and so on, then this method will create a new object with the values of ViewElementClass set to "lt-view", the value of ItemElementClass set to "lt-item" and so on.


Target Platforms

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