Show MKV Format Properties Dialog Example for C++

The following code demonstrates showing the properties dialog for the MKV target format

// include the LEAD Media Foundation TOOLKIT header 
#include "ltmf.h" 
void EnumMKVCompressors(IltmfConvert *pConvert, HWND hwndParent) 
   IltmfTargetFormats *pTargetformats; 
   IltmfTargetFormat* pTargetformat; 
   // set the target format to MKV 
   pTargetformats->Item(ltmfConvert_TargetFormat_MKV, &pTargetformat); 
   // show the target format profile (properties) dialog if available. 
   VARIANT_BOOL vbDialog; 
   pTargetformat->HasDialog(ltmfTargetFormat_Dlg_Profile, &vbDialog); 
   if (vbDialog) 
      pTargetformat->ShowDialog(ltmfTargetFormat_Dlg_Profile, (long)hwndParent); 


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