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RasterMagnifyGlass Class Methods


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Protected Methods

Name Description
OnBorder3DStyleChanged Raises the Border3DStyleChanged event.
OnBorderColorChanged Raises the BorderColorChanged event.
OnBorderWidthChanged Raises the BorderWidthChanged event.
OnCrosshairChanged Raises the CrosshairChanged event.
OnCrosshairColorChanged Raises the CrosshairColorChanged event.
OnCrosshairWidthChanged Raises the CrosshairWidthChanged event.
OnPaintBorder Occurs when the Magnifying Glass border is redrawn.
OnPaintCrosshair Occurs when the Magnifying Glass crosshair is redrawn.
OnPaintImage Occurs when the Image for the Magnifying Glass is redrawn.
OnRoundRectangleEllipseSizeChanged Raises the RoundRectangleEllipseSizeChanged event.
OnScaleFactorChanged Raises the ScaleFactorChanged event.
OnShapeChanged Raises the ShapeChanged event.
OnSizeChanged Raises the SizeChanged event.
OnViewerChanged Raises the ViewerChanged event.
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