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Leadtools.WinForms Enumerations


Overview and description of Leadtools WinForms enumerations.

Enumeration Description
RasterClipboardCopyFlags Flags for RasterClipboard.Copy
RasterImageListScrollStyle Values for the RasterImageList.ScrollStyle property.
RasterImageListSelectionMode Values for the RasterImageList.SelectionMode property.
RasterImageListViewStyle Values for the RasterImageList.ViewStyle property.
RasterImagePanViewerStatus Represents the current panning process status.
RasterMagnifyGlassCrosshair Represents the type of the crosshair.
RasterMagnifyGlassShape Represents the shape of the Magnifying Glass.
RasterPictureBoxAnimationMode Values for the RasterPictureBox.AnimationMode property.
RasterPictureBoxSizeMode Values which determine how the control displays the image and whether it automatically adjusts the display rectangles.
RasterThumbnailBrowserLoadFlags Used in the RasterThumbnailBrowser.LoadThumbnails to control how the RasterThumbnailBrowser loads the thumbnails.
RasterViewerInteractiveMode Values for the RasterImageViewer.InteractiveMode property.
RasterViewerInteractiveRegionType Values for the RasterImageViewer.InteractiveRegionType property.
RasterViewerInteractiveStatus The status of the interactive mode.
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