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ItemImageSize Property


Gets or sets the maximum size of the image of each RasterImageListItem in the control.


public Size ItemImageSize { get; set; } 
Public Property ItemImageSize As Size 
property Size ItemImageSize { 
   Size get(); 
   void set (    Size ); 

Property Value

A System.Drawing.Size structure that specifies the maximum size of the image of each RasterImageListItem in this RasterImageList in pixels.


The ItemImageSize specifies the maximum size of the image of each item in the RasterImageList control. The RasterImageListItem.Image of each image is drawn into the item surface using the maximum size possible of ItemImageSize while maintaining the aspect ratio of the image. If the RasterImageListItem.Image of an item is smaller than ItemImageSize, then no re-sizing is done when the image is drawn. In other words, the RasterImageList control implements a "Fit if larger" drawing algorithm when the item images are painted.

When changing any of the item sizes or styles, you should pay special attention to the values you specify, in general, you should setup ItemSize to be large enough to accommodate ItemImageSize plus room for ItemBorderStyle and ItemImageBorderStyle. If you set the ShowItemText property to true, then you should also accommodate room for the item text in your calculations.

For more information about item appearance, refer to RasterImageList Appearance.


For an example, refer to DrawItem event.


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