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SearchRegistrationMarksCommandData Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by SearchRegistrationMarksCommandData.

Public Constructors

Name Description
SearchRegistrationMarksCommandData Initializes a new SearchRegistrationMarksCommandData class object with explicit parameters.

Public Methods

Name Description
SetDataPointer Sets the data pointer.

Protected Methods

Name Description
Dispose Releases all resources used by the SearchRegistrationMarksCommandData.
Finalize Destructor of the SearchRegistrationMarksCommandData class.

Public Properties

Name Description
Data Gets or sets the data array.
DataPointer Gets data pointer.
DataSize Gets the size of data pointer.
Height Gets or sets the registration mark height, in pixels.
MarkDetectedCount Gets or sets the number of detected registration marks inside the search area.
MarkDetectedPoints Gets or sets an array which will be filled with the location points of the detected registration marks.
MaximumScale Gets or sets the maximum registration mark scale to be detected.
MinimumScale Gets or sets the minimum registration mark scale to be detected.
Rectangle Gets or sets a rectangle structure that contains the area to be searched for registration marks (in pixels).
SearchMarkCount Gets or sets the number of registration marks expected inside the search area.
Type Gets or sets a value that represents the registration mark type.
Width Gets or sets the registration mark width, in pixels.
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