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PerspectiveDeskewCommand Class


Detects and automatically deskews a document in three dimensions. Usually used to correct perspective distortion (deskew) introduced by the camera’s perspective in relation to the subject (usually a document).


WinRT C#
public class PerspectiveDeskewCommand : RasterCommand 
public sealed class PerspectiveDeskewCommand : Leadtools.Imageprocessing.Leadtools.ImageProcessing.IRasterCommand   
@interface LTPerspectiveDeskewCommand : LTRasterCommand 
public class PerspectiveDeskewCommand extends RasterCommand 
function Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Core.PerspectiveDeskewCommand() 

  • For the best detection results, the document's boundaries should be inside the captured view and have a different background color than the background of the captured view.
  • The PerspectiveDeskewCommand can change the specified image. To keep the original image unchanged, use this function on a copy.
  • Use the PerspectiveDeskewCommand if there is depth (z-axis) deformation as well as deformation along the x- and y- axes. Use the DeskewCommand to fix 2D orientation. Unlike the DeskewCommand, the PerspectiveDeskewCommand does not look at the content of the captured document.

  • If the PerspectiveDeskewCommand fails to correct the skew, the original image is not changed.

  • This function supports 24 and 32-bit color images.
  • This command supports signed/unsigned images.

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