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LineRemoveCommand Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by LineRemoveCommand.

Public Constructors

Name Description
LineRemoveCommand Initializes a new LineRemoveCommand class object with explicit parameters.

Public Methods

Name Description
GetStringDescription Returns a meaningful name for this command.
OnProgress Implements OnProgress. (Inherited from RasterCommand)
Run Implements Run. (Inherited from RasterCommand)
ToString Overridden. Returns a meaningful name for this command.

Public Properties

Name Description
Flags Gets or sets flags that determine the behavior of the line removal process.
GapLength Gets or sets the maximum length of a break or a hole in a line.
HasProgress Determines if the command object has a progress event handler set. (Inherited from RasterCommand)
ImageRegion RasterImage object that is updated with a shallow copy of the image that also has a region that contains the removed lines.
MaximumLineWidth Gets or sets the maximum average width of a line that is considered for removal.
MaximumWallPercent Gets or sets the maximum number of wall slices (expressed as a percent of the total length of the line) that are allowed.
MinimumLineLength Gets or sets the minimum length of a line considered for removal.
Region Gets the handle to a LEADTOOLS RasterRegion.
Type Flag that indicates which lines to remove.
Variance Gets or sets the amount of width change that is tolerated between adjacent line slices.
Wall Gets or sets the height of a wall. Walls are slices of a line that are too wide to be considered part of the line.

Public Events

Name Description
LineRemove Optional delegate method for additional processing.
Progress Implements Progress. (Inherited from RasterCommand)
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