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DeskewCommandFlags Enumeration


Flags that indicate whether to deskew the image, which background color to use, whether to deskew the image if the skew angle is very small, which type of interpolation to use, whether the image contains mostly text, and whether to use normal or fast rotation. This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.


WinRT C#
public enum DeskewCommandFlags   
Public Enum DeskewCommandFlags  
public enum DeskewCommandFlags    
typedef NS_OPTIONS(NSUInteger, LTDeskewCommandFlags) 
public enum DeskewCommandFlags 
Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Core.DeskewCommandFlags = function() { }; 
Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Core.DeskewCommandFlags.prototype = {<br/> 
  DeskewImage = 0x00000000, 
    RotateLinear = 0x00000000, 
    UseNormalRotate = 0x00000000, 
    PerformPreProcessing = 0x00000000, 
    NoThreshold = 0x00000000, 
    FillExposedArea = 0x00000000, 
    UseSelectiveDetection = 0x00000000, 
    DocumentImage = 0x00000000, 
    DoNotUseCheckDeskew = 0x00000000, 
    ReturnAngleOnly = 0x00000001, 
    DoNotFillExposedArea = 0x00000010, 
    Threshold = 0x00000100, 
    RotateResample = 0x00001000, 
    RotateBicubic = 0x00002000, 
    DocumentAndPictures = 0x00010000, 
    UseHighSpeedRotate = 0x00100000, 
    UseCheckDeskew = 0x01000000, 
    UseLineDetectionCheckDeskew = 0x02000000, 
    UseExtendedDeskew = 0x04000000, 
    DoNotPerformPreProcessing = 0x10000000, 
    UseNormalDetection = 0x20000000, 
public enum class DeskewCommandFlags   


0x00000000DeskewImage Deskew (rotate) the image.
0x00000000RotateLinear Don't perform any interpolation methods when rotating.
0x00000000UseNormalRotate Use normal rotation speed (high quality).
0x00000000PerformPreProcessing Perform preprocessing on the image before deskewing it.
0x00000000NoThreshold Deskew (rotate) the image for any deskew angle value.
0x00000000FillExposedArea Use the fill color (in the FillColor property or the fillColor parameter of the Constructor) to fill areas exposed by rotation.
0x00000000UseSelectiveDetection Use the selective detection technique which is faster.
0x00000000DocumentImage The image contains only text.
0x00000000DoNotUseCheckDeskew Perform the ordinary deskew. Do not perform any of the bank check algorithms.
0x00000001ReturnAngleOnly Don't deskew (rotate) the image. Generally this flag is used to find the angle of rotation.
0x00000010DoNotFillExposedArea Determine the suitable background color for fill areas exposed by rotation automatically. FillColor is ignored in this case.
0x00000100Threshold Do not deskew the image if the deskew angle is very small (less than 0.5 degrees).
0x00001000RotateResample Perform bilinear interpolation when rotating.
0x00002000RotateBicubic Perform bicubic interpolation when rotating.
0x00010000DocumentAndPictures The image contains text and pictures or light text.
0x00100000UseHighSpeedRotate Use fast rotation speed (moderate quality, only for 1-bit images).
0x01000000UseCheckDeskew Use the bank check algorithm to deskew the image. This algorithm considers many features common to standard bank checks in order to determine orientation.
0x02000000UseLineDetectionCheckDeskew Use the bank check line detection algorithm to deskew the image.
0x04000000UseExtendedDeskew Use an alternative algorithm to deskew the image, this algorithm is equivalent to the obsolete command DeskewCommandExtended. This flag when set, the properties AngleRange and AngleResolution are used.
0x10000000DoNotPerformPreProcessing Don't perform preprocessing on the image before deskewing it.
0x20000000UseNormalDetection Don't use the selective detection technique which is more accurate.

You can use a bitwise OR ( ¦ ) to specify one flag from each of the following groups:

Group Flags
Flags that indicate whether to deskew the image after the method finds the skew angle. DeskewImage, ReturnAngleOnly
Flags that indicate which background color to use. FillExposedArea, DoNotFillExposedArea
Flags that indicate whether to deskew the image if the skew angle is very small. NoThreshold, Threshold
Flags that specify which type of interpolation to use. RotateLinear, RotateResample, RotateBicubic
Flags that indicate whether the image contains mostly text, or text and pictures. DocumentImage, DocumentAndPictures
Flags that indicate whether to use normal or fast rotation speed. Normal results in high quality. Fast results in moderate quality and is only intended for 1-bit images. NormalSpeedRotate, HighSpeedRotate

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