ILMFH264Decoder Interface

ILMFH264Decoder Interface is the interface for LEAD H264 Decoder .


long DecodingOptions

Accepts one or all values from eH264DecodingFlag.

double DeliveredFrameNotificationInterval

The interval of Delivered Frame Notification in seconds. A value of Zero will disable notification sending. Values smaller than the time per frame (= 1.0 / frame rate) will cause the decoder to send a notification for each frame. The Notification ID is ltmfEC_Sample_Delivered. Values less than zero will not be accepted. This parameter can be changed while the decoder is running.


HRESULT WriteToRegistry ()


This method writes all of the decoder settings to the system registry. The next time the decoder is loaded, it retrieves the settings from the registry and applies them.


S_OK if successful; otherwise, S_FALSE.

HRESULT ResetToDefaultsEx (eH264DecoderApiLevel ApiLevel)


eH264DecoderApiLevel ApiLevel


Resets decoder to default values. The ApiLevel determines which default values to use. Current applications should set ApiLevel to H264DecoderApiLevel_1 = 1.The H264 decoder might change in the future and have different properties or default behavior. Calling this method ensures the transform will have the same default values as they were at the time you developed your application.It is recommended you call ResetToDefaultsEx(H264DecoderApiLevel_1) before you start setting properties and start calling other methods for this interface.




These are the possible values for H264 decoding flags. These flags can be set in the SymbolMode property.

typedef enum 
   H264DecodingFlag_DecodeCorruptedStream  = 0x00000001, 
   H264DecodingFlag_FillFrameGaps          = 0x00000002, 
   H264DecodingFlag_DisplayGrayOnError     = 0x00000004, 
   H264DecodingFlag_UseOneThread           = 0x00000008, 
   H264DecodingFlag_WaitForI_FrameToPlay	 = 0x10, 
	H264DecodingFlag_DiscardCorruptedFrames = 0x20 
} eH264DecodingFlag; 


typedef enum 
   ltmmEC_Sample_Delivered = 0xA000, /* Event sent on a regular base when samples are decoded. The frequency is indicated by the DeliveredFrameNotificationInterval property. lParam1 is set to the frame index. */ 
} ltmmMediaEventCode_; 


typedef enum 
   H264DecoderApiLevel_1 = 0 
} eH264DecoderApiLevel; 
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