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ImageBox Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by ImageBox.

Public Constructors

Name Description
Public Constructor ImageBox Initializes a new instance of the ImageBox class.
Public Constructor NotifyPropertyChanged Initializes a new instance of the NotifyPropertyChanged class. (Inherited from NotifyPropertyChanged)

Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method Reset Resets this instance. (Inherited from NotifyPropertyChanged)
Public Method ToString Returns a String that represents this instance.

Protected Methods

Name Description
Protected Method FirePropertyChanged Fires the property changed event. (Inherited from NotifyPropertyChanged)
Protected Method SetValue<T> Sets the property values and fires a notify property change event if required. (Inherited from NotifyPropertyChanged)

Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property CineRelativeToRealTime A positive, unitless, floating point, numeric factor equal to the playback rate divided by the acquisition rate.
Public Property DisplayEnvironmentSpatialPosition Exactly four unitless floating point values indicating the rectangular coordinate position of the image box.
Public Property ImageBoxLayoutType Type of layout the image box is using.
Public Property ImageBoxNumber An integer that identifies the order of image boxes for scrolling.
Public Property ImageBoxOverlapPriority Indicates the layer of this Image Box in relation to the others.
Public Property IsDirty Gets a value indicating whether this instance is dirty. (Inherited from NotifyPropertyChanged)
Public Property PreferredPlaybackSequencing Describes the preferred playback sequencing for the Image Box.
Public Property RecommendedDisplayFrameRate Recommended rate at which the frames of a multi-frame image shall be displayed, in frames/second.
Public Property TrackChanges Gets or sets a value indicating whether to track changes to this object. (Inherited from NotifyPropertyChanged)

Public Events

Name Description
Public Event PropertyChanged Occurs when a property value changes. (Inherited from NotifyPropertyChanged)

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