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RasterPictureBox Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property AllowDrop Overrides System.Windows.Forms.Control.AllowDrop.
Public Property AnimationMode Determines whether to use the image global animation loop or to loop the animation continuously.
Public Property AutoDisposeImage Indicates whether to auto dispose the old image when a new image is set into this RasterPictureBox.
Public Property BorderStyle Sets the border style for the control.
Public Property CausesValidation Overrides System.Windows.Forms.Control.CausesValidation.
Public Property Font Overrides System.Windows.Forms.Control.Font.
Public Property ForeColor Overrides System.Windows.Forms.Control.ForeColor.
Public Property Image Image currently assigned for display by the control.
Public Property ImeMode Overrides System.Windows.Forms.Control.ImeMode.
Public Property PaintProperties The RasterPaintProperties which control the display.
Public Property RightToLeft Overrides System.Windows.Forms.Control.RightToLeft.
Public Property SizeMode Determines how the control displays the image and whether it automatically adjusts the display rectangles.
Public Property TabIndex Overrides System.Windows.Forms.Control.TabIndex.
Public Property TabStop Overrides System.Windows.Forms.Control.TabStop.
Public Property Text Overrides System.Windows.Forms.Control.Text.
Public Property UseDpi Indicates whether LEAD's automated scaling properties are used to account for the physical resolution of the bitmap.

Protected Properties

Name Description
Protected Property CreateParams Overrides System.Windows.Forms.Control.CreateParams.
Protected Property DefaultImeMode This member overrides System.Windows.Forms.Control.DefaultImeMode.
Protected Property DefaultSize This member overrides System.Windows.Forms.Control.DefaultSize.

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