Programming with LEADTOOLS Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Functions

The LEADTOOLS WIA driver is available in LEADTOOLS version 16 or higher.

After the WIA driver is installed and configured on your system, you are ready to begin programming with LEADTOOLS WIA. LEADTOOLS provides functions to:

LEADTOOLS WIA supports both 32-bit and 64-bit image acquisition for both WIA 1.0 (XP and earlier) and WIA 2.0 (VISTA and later).

LEADTOOLS uses a WIA session handle to provide the means for acquiring pages from the WIA source. The WIA session handle is a communication session between LEADTOOLS WIA and a WIA driver installed on the system. This WIA handle is a pointer to an internal structure containing all the necessary information for acquiring, getting and setting information, as well as managing WIA sources.

Getting Started

Call the LWia::IsAvailable function to determine whether any WIA sources are installed, and which version of WIA is being used.

Unless you are using the high-level LWia::AcquireSimple, you should first initialize a WIA session before calling any of the LEADTOOLS WIA functions. For more information, refer to Initializing a WIA Session. Since WIA does not support default device selection, after a WIA session has been initialized, select a specific WIA source from the sources installed on the system. For more information, refer to Managing WIA Sources.

Acquiring Images

LEADTOOLS WIA provides both high-level and low-level methods for acquiring pages from WIA sources. Use the high-level LWia::AcquireSimple function to acquire pages without having to initialize and end the session and select the source. For more information, refer to How to Acquire from the WIA Source.

Working with Video Devices

After a WIA session is initialized and the source selected, it is possible to work with video devices when using WIA Version 1.0 running under Windows XP or earlier operating systems. Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and later environments (which run under WIA Version 2.0) do not support video devices. For more information about the LEADTOOLS WIA functions that support this capability, refer to Working with Video Devices.

Freeing the WIA Session

Free the handle to the WIA session is no longer needed. For more information, refer to Freeing the WIA Session.

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