Managing WIA Sources

After a handle to a WIA session has been established, the WIA source to use for acquiring images should be selected. WIA does not include a default device selection feature, so it is important to select a device. Use the LWia::EnumDevices function to determine the WIA sources available on the system. This function enumerates all available WIA sources and calls the LWia::EnumDevicesCallBack callback function for each WIA source found, retrieving its ID, name and description.

LEADTOOLS WIA offers two functions for selecting the WIA source to use for acquiring images:

Once a device is selected, use the LWia::GetSelectedDevice function to get the selected device ID as string.

Also you can use the LWia::GetSelectedDeviceType function to determine the type of the device currently selected at the runtime to check whether its a scanner, camera or streaming video device.

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