Setting a Runtime License

Perform the following steps to use the ltmsLicenseManager Object to set a runtime license: 


Obtain a license file and key from LEAD Technologies, Inc.


(Optional) Embed the license and key in the application as string data. You may use them in external files, but it is best to copy the data to internal strings before production builds.


Create an instance of the  ltmsLicenseManager Object, acquiring the IltmsLicenseManager Interface.


Apply the license and key by calling IltmsLicenseManager::SetLicense


It is best to hold an outstanding reference count to IltmsLicenseManager for the duration of your application, in order to prevent the library from being unloaded.

The ltmsLicenseManager Object will automatically use the ILMDSKernel2 object to unlock the necessary LEADTOOLS Multimedia filters and codecs. For more information, refer to Using the DSKernel Object.

See also the License Holder Example for C++

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